Gated Access

The Association maintains a front gate and back gate to provide security to residents.

Front Gate

Residents must display a 2025 Aquia Harbour decal on their vehicle in order to pass through the Decal Only/Resident Lane – all others must be vetted through the Non-Decal/Visitor Lane. You should have one decal for every vehicle registered with AHPOA. This decal is valid through March 31, 2025.
Decals should be placed on the outside of your windshield at the top, between the center and passenger side of the windshield.
If a decal cannot be placed on your windshield, you may purchase a hang tag. Hang tags can be purchased by resident for $20 at the business office. You must turn in your decal.
Vehicles without a proper decal that pass through the Decal Only side will be reported to the police department for action.
If you need help placing your vehicle decal on your windshield please feel free to stop by the Police Department or give them a call at 540-659-4600. If you need to update vehicle information, register additional vehicles, obtain additional decals, or purchase hang tags, please stop by the business office.

Back Gate

The Back Gate is controlled by an automatic security arm that opens for active Aquia Harbour RFID decals only.
The address of the back gate from inside the Harbour is 3242 Titanic Drive. From outside the Harbour it is 800 Decatur Road.
When giving directions to family or delivery people, especially if you live in the 3rd Section, tell them to program the FRONT GATE address into their GPS first. Then when they arrive, they can change the GPS to your home address. The Google and WAZE algorithms will try to send visitors and deliveries to the Back Gate where they will be denied access and sent on a 10-mile trip to the Front Gate.
EVERY vehicle traveling into the community through the back gate is required to have an active RFID decal. Replacement decals or decals needed for new vehicles or replacement windshield etc. are $15.

Visitor Access

Whenever you have a visitor coming to your home, please enter them in the Gate Sentry system. Whether it is a vendor, friends or family entering them into your Gate Sentry app will assure them easy access with minimal delay. Most of time, depending on how busy the Gate is, you will also receive a notification email that your guest has arrived.
Gate Sentry is available as an app for your smart phone or for desk top access.
To receive your log in information and password for Gate Sentry, please contact
If for some reason your Gate Sentry app is not available, or you do not have access to a smart phone, you may also call your guest into the front gate at 540-659-4600
Complaints or suggestions related to the Front Gate?  You can reach the Police Department at