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Member Registration
Here are the items that we will need from you:
1.  A copy of your closing documents or signed lease
2.  Completed Membership Registration form which can be submitted using the form below or by downloading the form using this link: New Member Registration Form
3.  Completed Members Responsibilities Acknowledgement form Download Members Responsibilities Acknowledgement Form– if you are a property owner
Property owners may sign up to have their monthly dues automatically debited from their bank account (AHPOA-administered ACH/direct debit). If you would like to sign up for this program we will need a completed ACH authorization form plus a voided check Download Authorization for ACH Withdrawal Form
On the form below, list only those household members that are permanent residents and those vehicles that belong to your household.  If purchased, pool passes will only be issued to permanent residents.
For each vehicle listed, submit proof that the vehicle belongs to a member of your household. An example would be vehicle registration (temporary or permanent). Decals will only be issued for those vehicles listed on this form and for which satisfactory proof of ownership has been submitted.
Membership Registration
Household Resident Information
Indicate the status of each person using these codes: P = Legal owner or lease holder S = Spouse C = Child O = Other
List the name, gender (optional) and status code for every household member.
Vehicle Information
(List Year, Make, Model, Color, License Plate, State)
Proof of ownership for each vehicle can be attached below or shown in person at the business office.
Optional Attachment
Maximum File Sizes: 4 MB each
Maximum Image Dimensions: 4100px